​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The State of Wisconsin Claims Board is a five m​ember board that considers monetary claims against State of Wisconsin Agencies. The Board's members come from ​the Department of Justice, the Department of Administration, the Office of the Governor, the Wisconsin Senate and the Wisconsin ​Assembly. 

General Claims

Claims against State of Wisconsin agencies related to property damage or loss, vehicle accidents, personal injury, taxes, employment, licenses, permits, etc. Also damages related to a contract with the State of Wisconsin​. Read More

Innocent Convict Claims

Petitions ​for compensation by innocent persons who have been convicted of a crime in Wisconsin, imprisoned as a result of that conviction, and released from that imprisonment after March 13, 1980.  Read More​​

Check Reissue Claims

​Requests to reissue uncashed State of Wisconsin checks more​ than ​one-year old.  ​​Read More​

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