Stale Check Reissue Claims

​​​​The Claim Board accepts claims for reissue of uncashed, stale-dated checks (over one year old) issued by the State of Wisconsin. We do not accept claims for checks issued by local or federal government agencies, private businesses, or private individuals. The Claims Board does not hold hearings or issue formal decisions for stale check reissue claims. 

The Claims Board does not accept claims for reissue of checks over six years old. Pursuant to the appropriate Records Disposition Authorization, records related to checks issued by the State of Wisconsin are destroyed after six years. Once those records are destroyed, it is not possible to determine whether the check was previously cashed or reissued.

Requests for reissuance of stale checks made out to another individual must be accompanied by a signed Power-of Attorney from that individual authorizing you to request reissuance on their behalf. 

Signed and notarized Claims Board Stale Check Claim Forms and documentation may be submitted by email ​​or mail (see contact information on claim form). 

Check Reissue Claim Form​​​​