About the Claims Board

​​​​What is the C​​laims Board?

The Claims Board pays, denies or makes recommendations on money claims against State of Wisconsin agencies. Claims must be greater than $10 and must be referred to the board ​by the Department of Administration. The findings and recommendations of the board are reported to the Wisconsin Legislature and no claim may be considered by the legislature until the board has made its recommendation. 


The board was created in 1955 under its original name, the Claims Commission. In 1967, the commission was renamed the Claims Board and absorbed the Commission for Relief of Innocent Persons and the Judgment Debtor Relief Commission. 


​The five members of the Claims Board are appointed pursuant to § 15.105(2)​ of the Wisconsin Statutes and come from the Department of Justice (Chair), the Department of Administration (Secretary), the Office of the Governor, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Assembly Finance Committee. See Contacts for a list of current members. ​

Who Can File a Claim with the Claims Board?

Anyone who has a claim for monetary damages against a State of Wisconsin agency may file a claim with the Claims Board. You do not have to be a Wisconsin resident to file a claim. There is no fee for filing and it is not necessary to have an attorney in order to file a claim with the board.

What Type of Claims Does the Claims Board Consider?

The ​Claims Board considers claims for general damages such as property loss, personal injury, vehicle accidents, licenses, permits, and taxes, as well as damages related to contracts with the State of Wisconsin (see General Claims). The board also considers petitions for compensation by innocent persons convicted of a crime (see Innocent Convict Claims), and requests for reissuance of stale-dated state checks (see Stale Check Reissue Claims​). 

Claims filed with the Claims Board must be against a State of Wisconsin agency. The board does not accept claims against federal or local government agencies, private businesses, or individuals​.

The Claims Board is generally considered a forum of last resort, therefore, other administrative and legal avenues for relief should be pursued before filing a claim with the board. However, pursuant to § 775.01​ of the Wisconsin Statutes, claims involving contract disputes must be considered by the Claims Board before the claimant can pursue a court action. Please also see Legislative Reference Bureau Report Claims Against The State​.

What Type of Relief Can the Claims Board Grant?​

The Claims Board has the authority to pay, deny, or recommend payment of claims to the state legislature. The board does not have authority to compel a state agency to take a specific action. The Claims Board is not an arm of the Wisconsin Court System and has no jurisdiction over decisions made by the courts.