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General Information
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What is the Claims Board?

The State of Wisconsin Claims Board is governed by section 16.007 of the Wisconsin Statutes and considers money claims against the State. The Board meets approximately four times per year.

The Board has five members representing the Department of Justice, the Department of Administration, the Governorís Office, the Senate Finance Committee and the Assembly Finance Committee. The  current members of the board are: Corey Finkelmeyer, Chair (DOJ), Amy Kasper, Secretary (DOA), Ryan Nilsestuen (Governor's Office), Senator Luther Olsen, and Rep. Terry Katsma. The offices of the Claims Board are located at the Department of Administration in Madison, Wisconsin.

Who Can File a Claim with the State Claims Board?

Anyone who has a claim for monetary damages against a State of Wisconsin agency may file a claim with the Claims Board. You do not have to be a Wisconsin resident to file a claim. There is no fee for filing and it is not necessary to have an attorney in order to file a claim with the Board.

What Type of Claims Does the Claims Board Consider?

The Claims Board considers a wide variety of claims such as automobile damage, contract disputes, property loss, personal injury and taxes. The Board also accepts requests for the replacement of stale-dated state checks (see Stale Check Claims section).

Claims filed with the Board must be against a state agency. The Board does not accept claims against city agencies, county agencies or private entities.

The Claims Board has a long-standing history of only reimbursing claimants for out-of-pocket damages. Therefore, the Board does not normally make awards for intangible damages such as pain and suffering. The Claims Board also does not normally reimburse claimants for damages covered by insurance, regardless of whether or not an insurance claim has been filed.

The Board has the authority to make payments of $10,000 or less. Any award larger than $10,000 must be passed into law by the state legislature if payment is recommended by the Claims Board.

Generally, the Claims Board is considered a forum of last resort, therefore, other administrative and legal avenues for relief should be pursued before filing a claim with the Claims Board. However, section 775.01 of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that claims involving contract disputes must be considered by the Claims Board before the claimant can commence a court action.

For Forms or More Information Contact:

Patricia Reardon, Program & Policy Analyst
State of Wisconsin Claims Board
P.O. Box 7864
Madison, WI 53707-7864
(608) 264-9595



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